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Install the software

In order to do the analyses shown in the videos, you need to install some software and R packages on your computer. The software includes R and RStudio. The R packages includes the package secr and all its dependencies. 

You can download R from this website:

You can download RStudio from this website:

The R package secr written by Murray Efford can be installed from R:


Quick intro to RStudio

There are good introductory tutorials online. You can find them by searching for 'RStudio tutorial' on Here are some recommendations: 

One tutorial that I really liked was this one: 

RStudio for the Total Beginner - YouTube

It is a great, basic introduction to RStudio and its four panels.


This tutorial goes into a lot more detail: 

R Programming for Beginners | Complete Tutorial | R & RStudio - YouTube

If you manage all the material in here, you will be well prepared for working with RStudio and R. Note: the tutorial starts with the instructor working in R (outside RStudio) but switches to RStudio after a few minutes. 


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